Cotton Duvet, What’s So Good About It?

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Clean Cotton Duvet

The choice of cotton duvet or Nordic is as important as choosing the mattress or pillows. A too warm duvet cover can become a real hell. The same happens on the contrary.  There are two types of fillers: the natural filler and the synthetic filler. The first is usually composed of a mixture of feathers and down, noble and optimal materials for padding the quilt. We also find natural fillings based on wool or silk, but they are less frequent in the market. The second is made of polyester fibers.

The natural filling is the best whatever the components. Cotton duvet natural fillings are lighter, softer and warmer. Its properties of evacuation of moisture are better than those of synthetic quilts. They are composed, for the most part, of a mixture of feathers and down.

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The down is very light and more voluminous than the feathers, and for that reason, for a cotton duvet lightweight and quilted to the maximum, it is better to choose those with a high percentage of down (80% / 90%). The only drawback is the price. Quite often, natural quilts are more expensive than synthetic quilts but, on the other hand, have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

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