Different Oversized Queen Duvet Cover

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Clean Oversized Queen Duvet Cover

I have recently changed the decoration of our bedroom (I owe you a “before and after”, but I still need some detail), and I have encountered the problem that the colors and patterns that I had before in the three cases oversized queen duvet cover that I had no longer fit well with the current decoration. Since there are not the times to throw things away, I’ve been looking for different ways to recycle a duvet cover and be able to take advantage of the fabric .

I showed you this idea a few weeks ago. It is about taking advantage of one of the two sides of the oversized queen duvet cover case as the inner face of the new Nordic case . In this way we kill two birds with one stone, as we will reuse part of the shell that we will not use and we will need less cloth to make the new one, so we will save money.

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The fabric of an oversized queen duvet cover a give us to make a pajama and even a matching robe. We can make both a nightgown and a two piece winter or summer pajamas. It is best to take a pajama that we wear and place it on top of the fabric to remove the pattern.

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