Get Comfortable Twin Quilts

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Twin quilts or Pillows are a great way to make platform or base beds stand out. Get a pair of cushions to match the comforter. Next, add a smaller pillow in the middle to accentuate the color scheme. If your main pillows and quilt are brown, get a cinnamon or orange tone cushion....

Functionality Twin Bookcase Headboard

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Twin Bookcase Headboard – The bedroom is a place of peace and relaxation. An individual’s private domain reflects their unique tastes and likings. There are a variety of ways in which a person could customize their room. Wallpaper and painting are quick alterations th...

Look Fresh Tropical Quilts

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By using various colors or mixing tropical quilts patterns, you bring volume and a soft, very appealing effect. Grays and camels and earth are trend. While the former bring a touch of sophistication and elegance, the latter, make the note more natural and delicate. Smooth or stam...

Comfort And Beautiful Toile Quilts

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Sheets, covers, pillows, bedspreads … are essential elements in the bedroom. In addition, to transform the appearance of the room in a simple way, are able to convey sensations, enhance comfort and make the bed in your refuge to dream and rest. Your choice, regardless of th...

Latest Trends In Taupe Duvet Cover

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If you are thinking about giving a change of air to your room, take note, because from Area Sur we tell you what the latest trends in bedroom decoration are. We leave you some tips to view your bed with style and personality. If you want to give a romantic touch to the decoration...

More Practical With Storage Headboard

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The houses are becoming smaller; we have less space and find “nooks” where to store our things every time it becomes more essential. If you find yourself in this situation, surely you want to look for those spaces that give you an extra respite. Have you ever thought ...

How To Make A Rustic Headboard

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Rustic Headboard – Rustic touches in your home create comforting and inviting rooms. Making a rustic headboard provides charm, appeal and affordability to bedroom furnishings. Creating a rustic headboard is not expensive, but you need to use some creativity. Find a headboar...

Patchwork Quilts Past To Present

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Patchwork quilts  – Quilting work patch means many things for many people. Emerging from the need we found that the blankets had gone through metamorphosis when they went to us through history. Even though people think our founding mothers are bound this is not true. Most ...

How To Wash Queen Size Quilts

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Queen size quilts are some of the most comfortable and cozy bedding and are especially comfortable during the cold winter months. Because the quilts are so big, bulky and fragile, they can be very hard to clean. It is possible to clean these duck duvets at home if the correct pro...

How To Clean Queen Quilts

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Queen quilts are generally marketed as they put on the rug. The blanket itself is usually a separate envelope that can be clogged and cleaned. Sometimes the blanket is used as the top cover and the insert becomes dirty or spotted. This causes some problems because a cover insert ... -->