Sewing Nordstrom Duvet Covers

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Nordstrom duvet covers protect your quilt from spills, dust and what life can throw at it. If the lid gets dirty, you can slide off the cover and throw it in the wash. When you go to buy a quilt cover, the cost can leave you speechless, especially if you consider that you can qui...

Ideas For Cut An Oversized King Quilts Half

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Oversized king quilts are not made to specific size standards and two single beds can be of different heights. It may be necessary to add an edge of the fabric or seat if a downward extension is required; however, if a shorter quilt called a quilt would be sufficient, additional ...

Beautiful Style Lavender Duvet Cover

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Lavender duvet cover – purpose of a duvet cover is to protect the comforter inside, which is usually expensive. Duvet covers also provide an easy and inexpensive way to redecorate by changing it often and without having to buy a new piece down. Lavender duvet cover as they ...

Special Characteristics Of Medallion Duvet Cover

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Few things mark the bedroom style more than the clothes we choose to dress the bed. Undoubtedly, the medallion duvet cover have an important visual weight in the whole. But this should not make us forget that, in addition to decorative, its function is eminently practical. Theref...

Heirloom Quilts Daily Treatments

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Heirloom Quilts – With good care it is not necessary to wash a feather or down comforter more than once a year. It is important that you cover it with a good duvet cover to protect it during its use in bed. With a good practice you will only need to wash the duvet cover [&h...

The Best Choice Of Headboard Reading Light

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Headboard reading light is a type of lamp that is used for reading purposes. We all like to read in bed before falling asleep and the wrong type of lighting can seriously damage the eyes and make it very uncomfortable to actually finish reading. We find ourselves spinning, spinni...

Ideal Linen Duvet Covers For Our Bedroom

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Linen duvet covers are the ideal garment for our bedroom this season, its freshness and lightness are perfect for warm seasons and its texture is great to bring any decor a nice and casual touch. If during the winter we like to surround ourselves with warm fabrics such as wool, v...

The Best Linen Duvet Cover Queen

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A well-dressed bed is synonymous with elegance and better rest. Here are the keys to choose the best linen duvet cover queen for you and some tips to keep them as the first day. Screw yourself! When summer arrives we look for fresh and light clothes for our wardrobe. We flee from...

Ideal Ways To Wash A King Quilts

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How to wash a king quilts at home? Washing the comforter at home is only possible if the label suggests it. This is usually the case. However, due to the type of filling there are some Nordic products that the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning. Therefore, the first case before...

King Duvet: Sleep Like A King

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Keeping king duvet and blankets is a task that is repeated every year posing the same problems: the previous washing and subsequent storage.  Although the vast majority outsources the cleaning of quilts, it is possible to do it at home and it is simpler than you think. So you mu... -->