Tufted Headboard King: Easy To Do!

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Fabric Tufted Headboard King

Tufted headboard king can add instant elegance to a bedroom. The construction of a tufted headboard is easy. Hope your friends want you to be able to make them a tuft header inserted as soon as they see yours. Lay the fabric on the floor face down. Place the headboard batting side down centered on the fabric. Carry the fabric over the batting and staple the fabric at the back of the headboard.

Staple from the center to the corners and alternate from side to side. Stretch the fabric so that it is taut while stapling. Cut off any excess cloth or batting after finishing the stapling. Thread a needle with heavy upholstery thread. You will be able to see the holes of the strands in the back of the tufted headboard king. Tie the upholstery thread to a large, flat button.

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Thread the needle through the head and pull it out the front. Insert a cover button over the needle and the needle thread through the tufted headboard king of the bed to the flat button. Pull firmly to create the lock securely and tie the thread to the flat button. Repeat the procedure with each strand.

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